Spray Tans in Christchurch.  A range of premium organic solutions are available to suit individual skin types and requirements from light & natural for brides, to a medium brown holiday tan to very dark competition tans. Customised to suit you & your occasion with a full consultation.

> Natural colour
> Organic DHA
> No alcohol or parabens
> Fast Drying
> Rapid Tan 2-3 hours or 8hour overnight solution
> Odourless
>Antioxidants to hydrate the skin
> Rapid tan also available in which you can shower after 2-3 hours.

Full Body Spray Tan $40

Black Magic Tan Xtend – rrp $30 **special! Now only $25 a bottle with any spraytan! Extend the life of your spraytan, great for taking on holiday.

Competition Tanning available – Experienced in stage tans for all federations. Base coat or full competition colour. Please enquire for prices.

Disposable g’strings are provided, however you are welcome to wear whatever you are comfortable in such as a bikini, your own underwear, or nothing at all (female only) it is completely up to you.

Wear loose dark coloured clothing to your appointment.

Before your Tan

The day before your spray tan exfoliate your body in the shower using an exfoliating glove or facecloth lightly will do, no need to scrub your skin raw! Concentrate on areas prone to dryness such as knees, elbows and ankles. Avoid any moisterising oilbased exfoliaters as these can leave a barrier on your skin.
Make sure you don’t have any moisteriser, perfume or deodorant immediately prior to your spray tan.
Shave or wax 24hours before your tan.

After your Tan

The tan starts developing 2-3 hours after your spray and continues to develop up to 8-12 hours. The instant colour is a bronzer only and will wash of with the first shower.
Wait at least 8 hours before showering, overnight is best. Unless you are having the rapid tan.
Try to avoid water until your first shower as water stops the tanning process.
Avoid spas, swimming and activities that promote sweating.
Apply moisteriser twice daily to extend the life of your tan.