Eyelash Extensions Specialist Christchurch

We customise a look for you with many different lengths, thickness and curls available of eyelash extensions to enhance your natural lashes, whether you want a natural or a more dramatic look.

Classic Eyelash Extensions are one individual silk eyelash extension individually attached extending each one of your own natural lashes to be longer and thicker.

Russian Volume lashes are an advanced technique of 2d-4d super fine lashes applied in small fans to each individual eyelash. Volume lashes create more lashes than you have naturally for more fullness, drama and fluffiness.

Our lashes are individual and isolated causing NO DAMAGE to your natural lashes.

Specialising in eyelash extensions Safka is a senior certified lash stylist and has been further trained in advanced Russian Volume lashes by Celebrity Lash & Cerise owner Elisa Webb in Auckland and has undertaken further training by Australian Lash & Brow Artists in Brisbane.

Save time in the morning and no more mascara! Your lashes will last around 3-6 weeks depending how you take care of them and your natural lash cycle. Natural lashes will naturally fall out and replace themselves as this happens you will find you will need a top up/in fill around 2-3 weeks to keep your eyelash extensions looking full.

Deposit/Cancellation Policy. As Eyelash Extensions are extremely popular and a longer service time we require a $20 deposit to secure your appointment, this comes off your treatment cost at the time of your appointment. If you need to reschedule please give us 48hours notice & we can transfer the deposit to the new booking time. Any Cancellations within 48hours will forfeit your deposit. 

Our lash sets are based on time. More time booked =more lashes! If you are unsure which set to book please email us.

Eyelash Extensions set of Classic Individual Lashes

Individual classic silk eyelash extensions. Classic lashes are one individual eyelash extension applied to each one of your own lashes to extend your natural lashes, customised to suit you using various lengths, thickness and curl. We aim to lash all your natural eyelashes for a full set. A natural set is more of a half set across the whole eye, great for your first time!

As natural or dramatic as you would like we will do a consultation to discuss what would best suit you.

Full Set allow 75-90 mins  $90

Hybrid Signature Set of Eyelash Extensions

This is a custom hybrid mix of both the classic individual lashes and russian volume lashes which is perfect for creating more volume and a textured look. Most popular set!  $100  Allow 75-90mins

Eyelash Extensions Russian Volume 2-5d lashes.

Russian Volume or 3d-5d lashes are an advanced technique applying very light fluffy individual handmade fans to each lash. As the lashes used are so light 0.05-0.07mm  3-5 can be applied to each lash for a more dramatic look with maximum fullness and volume.  This set is also perfect if you don’t have many natural lashes as you can get a fuller look than individual classic lashes.  Allow 90-105 mins $120

Eyelash Infills – As our natural lashes grow out & shed you will require maintenance appointments called “infills” An infill appointment removes any grown out extensions & we replace any extensions that have fallen out. For infills you need to have at least 40% of extensions remaining or you will need to book a new set. Infills are based on time. The longer appointment time you book the more time available to put in new extensions. If you have lost a lot of extensions or are wanting them fuller please book a longer appointment time. 45, 60 & 75min appointments are available.

More that 4 weeks at new set price.

Eyelash Infills  Mini Fill 45mins  (around 2-3weeks) $60 This is a shorter infill for regular clients under 3 weeks, please have at least 50% of your lashes remaining

Eyelash Infills Regular Fill 60mins (3-4weeks) $70 Infill if you have less than 40% of your lashes remaining or it has been longer than 3 weeks. If it has been longer than 4 weeks you will need to book a new set.

Eyelash Infills Russian Volume infills 60 mins $70 (2-3 weeks)  75mins (3-4weeks) $80

*Please wear NO MASCARA to your eyelash appointment. Time spent removing your mascara & eye makeup will cut into your lashing time resulting in less lashes applied.

*Please avoid any extreme heat/steam and exercise for 24hours following your appointment.

* Avoid any oil based products around your eyes while you have eyelash extensions in.

We stock & recommend Revitalash eyelash conditioner to enhance the appearance of your natural eyelashes and safe to use with eyelash extensions rrp $75- $129 facebook.com/revitalashnzofficial

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