Wake up with lifted lashes with an Elleebana Lash lift. Similar to a lash perm but using silicone shields instead of rods to lift your natural eyelashes for up to 6-8 weeks or more. Includes an eyelash tint.

Lash Lift & Tint $75

Lash Lift Eye Package (Also includes a brow wax/shape or tidy and brow henna or brow tint.  $90

*Please avoid mascara on the day of your lashlift treatment. Some mascaras leave a silicone residue even after removal which can affect the results.

We reccomend Elleebanas advanced Elleeplex lash lift formula. An aftercare gel containing keratin, vitamins and aminos. Applied daily it strengthens lashes, helps to eliminate frizzy hairs, nourishes and provides softness and shine and maintains lash lift & tinting results.

RRP $42